ABOUT UReady Employability Program

We are a transition from school to employment program under The Bridge Africa Group Limited. We give an opportunity for self development that is credibly assessed with incentives such as certification, awards and better recruitment outcomes. Our program is delivered on an e-learning platform leveraging on the power of technology to engage employers, students and universities (at a massive scale yet in a targeted manner).

We get our graduates future ready through the following steps:

  • Skills Training

    Divided into Intra, Inter and Market place skills

  • Aptitude Testing

    Exposure to a variety of psychometric and personality tests

  • Mentorship

    We pair university students with working professionals

  • Career Planning

    Divided into Aspirations, Market Realities and Assets sections

What Guides Us

Ensuring young people are integrated into productive work is more than work to us… it is US

We believe that work and future ready youths/graduates are achievable through early and intense engagement of workforce development players.

The sustainable pathway to work for the African graduate.

We avail workforce development tools to postsecondary students to ensure they are work and future ready.


To share & engage the student since few employers view higher education as part of its value chain but view themselves as consumers of ready talent


To access employability content since there currently lacks sufficient and articulate employability content for students who want to self develop


To structure career departments to adequately support students exiting into a disrupted and largely ‘unknown’ future


In a direction that facilitates youths to fully participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution economy


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  • Why Job Sites Will not Get You Work

    The reality of online job search and the nature of work in Africa

  • Employability - Changes in the Job Market Today

    Changes in Africa's Job Market

  • The Bridge - Parent Company

    Understand our pillars on transition from education to employment

UReady Team

Ndirangu M.S
Founder & CEO

Mr. Ndirangu is a leader in workforce development, a Mandela Washington Fellow and an experienced trainer and strategy consultant. He is a certified trainer by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) and PTAK. He has worked and led projects across public and private sector. He holds a Bachelors of Economics, CPA and specialized training from Georgia State University (USA)

Jess Wanjohi
Business Relations

Ms. Wanjohi is dedicated to supporting our customers and clients. She has a wealth of industry specific client relationship knowledge, a background in both above the line and below the line marketing and project management. She has a bachelor's degree in Arts in Economics from Kenyatta University.

William Waithaka
Technical Systems

Mr. William is an energetic and focused leader who is passionate about engineering and the joy in getting it right the first time. He has a strong mechanical engineering, coding and computer design background. William is interested in research and development to create technological solutions to problems facing Africa.

Patricia Gachoki
Finance & Administration

Ms. Patricia is a detail oriented person with vast experience in running operations and administrative tasks. She has a strong financial services background having served in Kenya’s busiest banks for the last 3 years. Patricia holds a Bachelor’s of Economics and a Diploma in Human Resource Management from ICM.